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December 17, 2018

Family Reunion 2001

JOGG members attending the 11.11.00 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse meeting expressed an interest in planning another JHS Reunion in 2001. Both Taiwo & Lauren were on the 1999 Reunion Committee therefore they have decided to pass the organization of the event to other family members.

Carmen, Sandy, Kehinde & Melanie have stepped forward to the plate but they will need assistance from other family members.

In 1999 there were 10 members in the organizing group. Members volunteered their services and by chance every descendant of JHS children was represented.

Ideas for the 2001 JHS Reunion include:
* Pot luck meal after a church service
* Beach Party - Clearwater Beach or Whale Bay
* Old School Disco Party
* Catered sit down evening meal
* Golf Tournament- golfers & beginners
If you wish to volunteer or have sugestions contact Carmen Moniz at

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